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There are many paths that can lead an organization to determine that outsourcing is the right strategy for improving the long-term viability of its IT operations.

For some, it is primarily a cost decision. For others, cost is an important factor, but there are other pressing needs, such as dramatically improving day-to-day delivery or transforming the environment in response to changing business priorities. Depending on the organization’s unique circumstances, their IT sourcing strategy may encompass one or more delivery towers, include one or multiple providers, and require a short or a long transition period. Culturally, you may need to also consider how much control to retain.

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This case study illustrates the value that can be derived from Integrated Outsourcing. The Integrated Outsourcing network discussed here is one aspect of the new paradigm known as the Demand Driven Supply Network (DDSN.) DDSN is a replenishment management model utilising a combination of processes and technologies to provide demand signals that drive the supply of parts.

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