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US Manufacturing CostCertain conditions,including transportation and energy costs, favor re-shoring R&D and production to the United States—especially for the chemicals and metals sectors.

Localizing production can mitigate supply-chain disruptions—totalling $2.2 billion in financial impacts for United States industrial products companies in 2011. A PwC analysis finds that manufacturing steel products in the United States instead of China can provide a net cost benefi t of 2% of revenue. Reviving domestic manufacturing has been at the core of lifting the United States economy through—and in the wake of—the Great Recession.

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Apple has told prominent environmental activists in the U.S. and China that it will soon allow independent environmental reviews of at least two suppliers' factories in China, the activists said. Environmental examinations would be separate from an independent probe of working conditionsat the Chinese factories of Apple suppliers, including Foxconn Technology, that began last week.
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