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The Automotive, Aerospace and (to a lesser extent) Defense industries are undergoing massive globalization.

They are in various stages of transformation from a regional/local model to a global model in which the buying, making, moving, and selling activities could happen anywhere in the world. To thrive in today’s globalized environment, AA&D companies are reexamining their supply chain processes and their supporting technology.

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The recession was a wake-up call for industrial manufacturers, with no more double-digit growth to hide the sins of complexity, long cycle times or high inventories. Throughout 2009, industrial manufacturers focused on freeing up cash. The leaders now emerging from the downturn have redesigned their supply chains to ensure sustainable performance. But will they be the demand-driven leaders of the future?

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Companies that recognise their supply chain is a strategic asset perform better than those that don’t in both financial and customer relations performance.

The Global Supply Chain Survey 2012, published this week by professional services firm PwC, found that supply chain leaders who view it as strategic asset get supplies on-time and in-full 96 per cent of the time, compared with 89 per cent of the time for those who don’t.

Functions viewed as strategic also excelled in terms of annual inventory turnover, achieving 87 per cent more than average functions. But only under half, 49 per cent, of respondents said their company actually viewed the supply chain as such and just 9 per cent said their supply chain was helping them outperform their peers.

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Supply chain management has always been important.

However, its relative importance is on the rise, particularly as senior executives are becoming more focused on supporting a return to growth.

Trends and realities in the global economy are thrusting supply chain management to the forefront of business strategy. Executives are realizing that supply chain characteristics and capabilities ultimately define how a business can and should operate. As this new state of affairs takes hold, supply chain managers must both embrace and act upon an evolved and elevated role in strategy formation, leadership and value creation.

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