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Apple Foxconn

This report is the result of a Fair Labor Association (FLA) independent investigation into Apple’s supplier Foxconn, China’s largest private employer. FLA is a unique collaboration among companies, universities, and labor and human rights civil society organizations that goes beyond identifying labor problems by uncovering the sources of these problems, and how best to resolve them. Working directly with corporations allows for more success in developing meaningful solutions that remain after public scrutiny and media attention have faded. After growing criticism during 2011 about the working conditions at Foxconn, including those conditions that led to deadly accidents, Apple agreed to allow FLA to conduct a thorough investigation of those suppliers, beginning with three factories at Guanlan, Longhua, and Chengdu in China. Much more than an audit for compliance, this investigation is best described as an in-depth, top-down and bottom-up examination of the entire operation.

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The biggest lesson from Nike is that all this monitoring has its limitations

US Outlook We're ready for your close up now, Mr Cook. Say cheese. Tim Cook's photo op last week, when the Apple boss visited the firm's Chinese supplier, Foxconn, was timed neatly to coincide with the Fair Labor Association's audit of three Foxconn factories, which concluded health and safety violations were on the way down and the company was jacking up wages so that workers don't need to do such punishingly long overtime shifts that their legs swell up. This is good news.

But one day's photo op doesn't amount to much, given the size of the challenge for Apple in bringing down the human cost of the gadgets we love.

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