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Chinese Company to Buy Large Chunk of Abandoned GM Plant in Ohio

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Moraine Factory was Subject of Award Winning HBO Documentary about Its Closing in 2008.

 The GM truck assembly plant in Moraine, OH just south of Dayton was well known in Southwestern, OH for turning out millions of vehicles and employing thousands of workers over several decades. 

But when it was slated for shutdown by the company in 2008, as soaring gas prices were at the time hammering sales of large "gas guzzling" vehicles such as those produced at the factory, the Moraine plant became known nationally after an HBO documentary on its closing called "The Last Truck: The Closing of a GM Plant." While Ohio officials worked hard to find new tenants for the sprawling, 2.5 million square foot complex, such properties are generally a hard sell, and extra so this time because the factory had for years been expanded somewhat piecemeal, to meet specific factory needs, and thus not laid out in a way that might satisfy new prospective buyers. An Ohio development group has placed seven very small manufacturers in parts of the complex, but nothing major to date...Read more on SC Digest.

But miracles do sometimes happen.

Last modified on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 09:17

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