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Don't Make Supply Chain a Dirty Word!

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I am a second-generation supply chain pioneer. It is about more than history. The year 2012 was the 30th anniversary of supply chain processes.

As a pioneer, I fought hard for years to get a seat at the management table and be recognized. It was a tough fight. The good news is that today, over 80% of companies have a supply chain organization. The bad news is that for most, the results are stalled. One of the reasons that corporate performance is failing is that the supply chain has become a function. In a siloed organization, another function is just another wall, or hurdle to cross… or another organization to try to convince to drive alignment. For some, in the process, it can become a dirty word. In a functional organization, the definition of a supply chain as yet another function becomes a problem, not a part of the solution. The original vision of building end-to-end processes from the customer’s customer to the supplier’s supplier becomes more difficult. The true opportunity lies between functions. We need to break down the walls…Read more on Forbes

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