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Honda Must Focus on Manufacturing Excellence, not Just Product Excellence

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New Honda Factory in Japan Makes Broad Use of Robotics, Shaves 40 Minutes off Assembly Times; A Testing Lab for Factories Worldwide.

 Honda last week released gave media a tour of an advanced new factory that it opened north of Tokyo in July, part of an eventual gcampaign to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies worldwide.

For Honda to progress," said Honda president Takanobu Ito, "We must advance the technology of manufacturing, not just the technology of our products."

Given Japan's shrinking car market, some are saying this may be the last new greenfield auto factory that will be built in Japan for decades. Honda had unveiled plans to for this cutting-edge factory in 2006. Construction started in 2007, and it was supposed to be in production by 2010. But it the project was delayed, first due to the impact of the global recession. Ito then resurrected the project in 2010, but it was again delayed after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Now finally completed, this is Honda's first new Japanese factory in 23 years...Read more on scdigest

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