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Seven signs your supply chain needs a redesign

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20130623seven signs supply chain redesign

Because supply chain redesigns are expensive and time-consuming, they often get deferred. But if your company shows any of these warning signs, you probably can't afford to put it off any longer.

A supply chain redesign is the type of project that often gets deferred, especially when budgets are tight. Redesigns are complex and time-consuming, and many organizations lack the needed skills and experience. Moreover, a thorough analysis may be expensive, which can be hard to justify in the current economic climate—even though in our experience, such analyses typically identify savings ranging from 12 to 20 percent of total warehousing and transport costs. In addition, it is difficult to determine before embarking on the project what benefits a supply chain redesign project will uncover. These potential drawbacks deter many companies from initiating a supply chain redesign project. But there are times when a redesign deserves a higher priority. Here are seven signs that it's probably time to rethink your supply chain network, along with some ideas about alternative network configurations...Read more on dcvelocity.

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