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Sales Quote Software

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Sales Quote Software Sales Quote Software

The Sales Quote Software enable to make quick quotes knowing immediately the margin and total turnover.

This simple tool allow you to create easily Sales quotes and check for each line item the margin made according to the discounts applied line by line. The sub-total amount is automated and the overall quote margin is shown, allowing to make required change in order to meet the sales target, wether it is amount or margin based.

Once the Quote is finalized, the printout is made in order to fit all available printers. Comments and terms & conditions can be added as well.

The data are simply entered in two Excel table : Customers Table and Items Table allowing very quickly to create new items.

The first step is to define the items:

  1. Item code
  2. Description
  3. Unit of measure
  4. Unit cost
  5. Selling price
  6. Currency

Then the second step is to define the customers list:

  1. Customer ID
  2. Customer name
  3. Customer address
  4. Contact Name
  5. Addresse type (bill-to or ship-to)

Please view our video below on how to use the quote software.


Sales Quote Software Demo
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